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Wood Shutters Irvine

Wood Shutters Irvine

Wooden plantation shutters in Irvine have a long record as the most popular among homeowners. They have excellent functionality, aesthetics, and privacy, which increase the home’s value and make them better than drapes, curtains, and blinds. In addition, the versatility of wooden shutters is a massive advantage because you can use them in many different interior and exterior architectures.

A complete buyer’s guide of wood shutters in Irvine


Homeowners typically spend thousands on wood shutters for the entire home and average a couple of hundreds for each window in a standard multi-family home. Buying wood shutters is already an advantage because they have better energy efficiency than other types. However, you can save a lot more when you look at specific issues that lower the overall cost of purchase. Irvine's range of cost for wood shutters is also favorable when you purchase from a specialized store like MHD Shutters & Blinds. Get an accurate cost estimate from our team to get an idea of the project’s budget.

Types of shutters

Most people will know how they prefer their shutters to match the interior design and fit into their practicality. Designers painstakingly take note of all clients’ desires and diversify the shutters with as much detail as possible. Our store stocks enough of all types of shutters and blinds in Irvine California and will help you choose a befitting style:

Wooden window shutters in Irvine have many custom shapes and sizes and can take up paint and stain to match many different colors and designs. These affordable window treatments fit into any home to add a unique and traditional flair to the home. Some vary according to size and fit because they are specific to the room type. For example, you will find wood shutters that can only fit into the attic, while others are tier shutters for the lower parts of any window. Check out our list of wooden shutters for detailed comparisons.


The first thing to love about Irvine CA wood shutters is the traditional wooden color. However, modern wooden shutters can take up any color to match different décor. The wood shutters play a vital role in the home's ambiance; hence you must be intentional about the color palette. Consider color schemes that work well across different interiors and maximize the design potential of the room.

Keep in mind that using a solid color like green will make it harder for you to switch up the décor without clashing the design. More so, the color should also blend well with the home’s exterior to maintain a seamless and classic look.


Wood shutters in Irvine can have many different textures, including a smooth, sleek finish or a sandblasted rough appeal. The unique textures of the shutters bring a luxurious feel; hence you need a seller with endless options. 

Irvine wood shutters will remain a top pick for many decades in the future because they add to a welcoming and warm ambiance. Check out our unique products online and place your order at any time.

Wood Shutters Irvine
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Wood Shutters Irvine
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Wood Shutters Irvine